Sunday, 14 February 2010

I will Ramble now

Once blogging crept into my life I have found it to be a rather hard thing to let go. I started blogging for me and the point was to just write. I worked from home and suffered from limited human interaction. The blogging helped. The internet helped my new imaginary friend flourish.

However, what is rather tiresome is that despite my blog life not being paramount to me it is always there at the back of my mind. So as the months passed by without a single written word this blog just became an item in my to do list that remains unchecked. What was meant to be relaxing and a kind of relief has become a task. To offset this and make blogging fun again I have decided to ramble more and write less. If all that sounded to you like an excuse for poor writing, mediocre anecdotes, more self absorption - pat yourself on the back, you are bang on target because that is exactly what it is.

Reading blogs on the other hand is far more relaxing, a simple task with ample rewards. When I discover a new blog that I like I feel the same pleasure I feel when I accidently find a good book without a recommendation, a random act that resulted in a pleasurable discovery. Small pleasures when unexpected are the best.

As much as I like all the blogs in my reader list, a little weariness sets in. Reminiscent of late last year when after a month Graham Greene and E M Forster ( another to do list I was checking off) it was decided that it would be best if I limited my reading to books that did not pan 3 months forward in time when an overseas trip was mentioned. One with kitchen appliances that are operate at button press, one where there is less fan waving, meaningful glances and more undressing when a love scene arrives.

So after about a year of pretty much a constant reading list give or take a few I have decided to expand. Not as important as the inorganic growth of Google who seems to be bursting at the seams. (Also those who knew that inorganic growth meant growth by acquisition more back patting but please let’s reign in the gloating if you don't mind, husband ... uhh I mean people.)

After spending the last week poring over the world wide web, ok the last few days, oh all right a few hours this morning. Fine so I pretty much scanned some lists on my favourite subjects and added them to my reading list.

Some fashion blogs since I now work in the city and need to take it up a notch with the clothes. By which of course I mean I own formal pants with seams intact and I try not to use layering to hide food stains.

1. DC goodwill fashion blog

2. The Budget Fashionista

Travel blogs

1. Abby's blog


The Floating Sheep

I am still working on my list. On a sunny beautiful day, I have the good fortune of being ill enough to have a valid excuse for not being out but not so ill that I cannot spend the after reading, and eating. Morning went past with uttapams and watching Mutalik's face being blackened. I will now make some groaning noises and take a nap and that should be just right for waking up for the batch of egg-less cookies my husband is working on. Always about the small small pleasures.