Sunday, 8 March 2009

Technicolour Dreams

Science is not of one mind when it concerns human dreams. While many scientists believe we dream in black and white, a number of them believe that though a portion of our dreams are in black and white we dream predominantly in colour. There are also those that believe that humans cannot dream in black and white at all.

The reason I know all this and other embarrassing details about dream interpretation is because I am a chronic dreamer. My day does not begin when I wake up but with the dream that I have prior to waking up. My husband is on to me now. A few mornings when I start giving my husband the evil eye before waiting for the customary half an hour he immediately demands that I spill the beans about my dream.

I am blogging about this because I have noticed a rather interesting trend in my dreams. Now I may not have had cable TV till I was 12 and did not have an email id till my engineering years but my attention span is already that of a gaming 10 year old on a sugar high with a coffee IV. My senses are continuously bombarded by everything on TV, websites - eye catching images, fast moving plots, intrigue, chases, excitement, colour, glamour, distant lands. But it is never enough what with my senses forever clamoring for more.

So of course we dream in colour!!! When I was young I dreamt about all the regular things - you know your 4th class teacher finding out that she was wrong and that much to her amazement you had grown up to be brilliant and were receiving lavish praise/ trophy from the community. Beating your brother in a running race, much to his amazement (other peoples' amazement at my feats is recurring theme hmmm).

My dreams now are far less revealing but far more interesting. I have recurring dreams of being chased. Now if this were a simple chase that would be OK. These dreams are rich in plot, colour, have glamorous women ... cough cough.... including me ( dreams in sharp comparison to cameras seem to take off 10 pounds). The spy/ evil mastermind/ assassin who is chasing me is clad in suits that would put Daniel Craigs dinner jacket to shame.

In addition to the visual treats that my dreams have become the plot is not very PG. There is frequently a silent plotter who is revealed at the end. Some of my dreams seem to be edited by an expert (cough cough), my dream the night before started with a women who had taken a plunge into the pool of a high rise 5 star hotel and then the dream in bits and pieces takes me back to the why it happened. OK so they are not going to be any awards for originality but that I dream like this is revealing not about my own psyche but about the world we live in. It seems even my dreams need special effects to get my attention. Think am going to take up some more reflective hobbies and give the movies and the Agatha Christies a break.

And so of course I had to look it up (you know you would do it too )- chase dreams represent anxiety... not that this would be a big surprise in these times. But keeping with our times, new age stress humdrum as it may be now has very good packaging.

Couple of things I thought I would try out
1. tag with Daniel Craig when I manage a mention hehehe
2. add a link to a recipe that I tried out and loved. This potato pasta cheese bake make for excellent comfort food. No gourmet chefs are going to be featuring this one in their specials but then if they did in all probability I would not have been able to make it. I would have liked to start this with a old but gold Indian dish but I had this for lunch yesterday and can't help myself.


shobhasri said...

i have the best dreams EVER... pity i can never remember them....

stringOfPearls said...

Lucky girl..