Thursday, 6 August 2009

Time Flies By

A girls night out with an old friend and a couple of pretty young things. The friend remains a swinging single. After many days of attending baby showers, kid birthday parties I am hoping that this might provide some respite from the grown up world. These parties are fun but they also consist of being followed around by kids. Kids,who though very cute insist on calling me aunty and want me to fix them a meal without any further directions. What does a 2 year old eat? A cheese sandwich? Mushy vegetables? Milk? Soya biryani? So I am hoping with girls night out these women will rub off on me and make me cool again. OK so I was never cool but at least make me a younger me.

Pretty Young Thing - Oh, I love your highlights. Nice colour.
Me ( hoping to impress her) - oh its not colour. I use henna. It also cools the scalp and conditions the hair.
Pretty Young Thing - Oh ( Loooooooooooooooooooooooooong Silence)
My mother uses that. She really likes it.
Me (sigh)


Movie night. Love Aaj Kal. Nice breezy movie. Waiting for scene where the beautiful people make stupid decisions/sacrifices because of culture, values, parental pressure.... Nope. Maybe an Indian culture speech, come on. I need to roll my eyes at these beautiful people on screen. What does it say about me that I can relate to mainstream cinema? Does not mainstream cinema lag behind the youth by a decade? Does that mean I am a decade behind the times already? Sigh


Garage band playing at an ice cream parlour. Their song list extends back to the 70s, 80s and also features recent hit singles. The ice cream is great, the band is also very good.
Hep Acquaintance - So did you recognize any of the songs?
Me - Hmm not really I am very out of touch.
HA - What about Job Bon Jovi.. He was from your time right?
Me - Yes (Sigh)

As dated as Jon Bon Jovi...Need I say more?


Titaxy said... are cooooooooooooooolllll :-)...

lol at the post, though :-P

stringOfPearls said...

:) .. Thank you.

Titaxy? from ersa? how come?

Anonymous said... this one. Maybe that's why I did not like Love Aaj Kal. Wrote one maha ranty post about it at

Btw, are you a tech writer? Your latest post made me think so :)

Do you know Gugi (S) personally?

stringOfPearls said...

Read your review. You have a point though I have to admit I rather liked the movie.

And did you mean in the comment that you didn't like it cos you are young??? << envious sigh >>

I do know Guggi, we worked for the same client many many years ago. How do you know guggi?

And no, not a tech writer but I write technical documents too :)

Anonymous said...

we were at HP together :)