Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lights Off

This is an exercise in telling a story with just dialogue.

Do help me get into the bath. Can you please make sure the little waterproof pillow is nearby, and my magazine rack?

Yes Ann.

Hold my hand now. I hope you dried your hand love. Cold hands give me the creeps.

I dried my hands Ann. In fact I am wearing these fleece gloves. Don't worry.

Aah, the water feels lovely though the bath water is a just a little cold. Thanks you. Oh don't go away. Dim the lights and just put the remote next to me? Also can you get place my towels near the foot. Thank you so much. Turn on the fragrance diffuser also for me. That is perfect

Are you comfortable now?

Yes thank you very much. So nice to see you around home.

You are welcome Ann.

Sooo. Where were you last night? It is not safe to go all over town in that little car. Someone should know your whereabouts you know. You could tell me. So, I can call someone god forbid something happens.

I only went to pick up your prescriptions Ann. You were all out of the pills. The ones I just gave you.

Oh ! Thank you. I was beginning to worry about you. Will you sit read a book or something in the bedroom outside so I can chat with you?

Sure Ann. I am sitting on the bed. I can hear your every word.

It has been a while since you had any time. And you have been so quite since you got back. After all that travelling for 6 months when you came back I had so many plans. But there you were pottering in the shed, driving off at odd times.I was so relieved to see you up this morning making coffee. And just delighted when you stayed in today.

Yes Ann, I wrapped up all I had to do. Just a few remaining items and that's it.

Well, I am glad. I only want your happiness you know. But spending all your time, your money and your energy chasing what is past!!! Paying detectives, late night meeting, trips to ends of the world. You are just putting yourself through hell for nothing. If they wanted you in their life they would not have made it so hard.

Yes Ann.

What does that say about she just upped and moved like that without an address or any contact information. And to do it when you had gone to meet physicians for that ... child.

My child Ann.

Your adopted child!! And all that time you used to spend with that child and the doctors. Oh don't be mad with me. You were always wonderful with him. If he had stayed, if she had let him stay you would have done your best I am sure and the child would have been the best.. for what he was I am sure. But as it stands you can live again. They miss you at work you know.

MY child was autistic and he was diagnosed late because of all the time we spent at work. We did not pay enough attention. I should have known better. Work gets along just fine without me.

Fine, fine!! Fine is not what you wanted before, you know. When your parents and I opened that restaurant we did not want fine either. We wanted the best. And what do we have now - 7 restaurants and growing. Each serving only the very best. And when they died ,you stepped up and learnt everything almost overnight. We were great together. Even with that stroke I would have never left if I did not have you to take over. Well, it is never too late. Now that the search is over we can all go back.

Ann I am selling them. I am selling all the restaurants.

Selling them. What are you talking about? What is wrong with you? With the two of them gone we need to move on. We will be each others strength. You can move in next door again. I have so many ideas for the business. And you can help me and we can build something your parents would have been proud off.

My parents would have been proud if I had taken care of my son.

That boy again. Well it isn't as if you did not try with him when they were here. And you also tried to find them after they left. What will you do for a job if you sell the restaurants? And you know you cannot sell without my consent.

I am opening a bakery Ann. In Cochin.

In Cochin?? Cochin?? Wait why did you come back from your trip? What is going on? What are going to do? You think you know everything. You know nothing. You must not believe everything she says.

I know Ann. I know you promised my wife that my son would get all your share if they went away. I know you told them that the business would fall apart without me working everyday at your precious restaurants. That you showed them papers that claimed we would go under in a 6 short months. When it was not true Ann. I gave you my 15 years of my life Ann and you took my family from me. You told her that I would not be able to support them if I continued to spend time with my son. That the costs would be too much. You took advantage of a woman half out of her wits with worry. And she believed you. But how did you think that it would last? In a previous life she was our best manager. She wrote me a month ago Ann. You knew they went to Cochin?

Yes I knew. I sent them all those checks didn't I? Well, I am sorry to have cared. Leave your future and go to Cochin but you are not selling any of my restaurants. If you are too blind to see what you are doing wrong, I cannot help you. And where do you think you are going to have the money for the bakery. I need to get out of this bathtub. Don't bother helping me. I can do this on my own. This is a self sufficient house you know.You are not needed. I can take care of myself and the restaurants on my own. Where is that stupid remote for the lights. There it is. Let me get out and I can shut the door behind ...

I will sell the restaurants Ann and my son will get your money. We will open a bakery in Cochin. I set up remote to short made easy when handled in a tub full of water. I only got to it this morning. But, I did not expect you oblige me so promptly Ann.

Made changes after some sharp critiquing by "friend".

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