Monday, 16 February 2009

first blog

I have been wanting to write a blog for a long time now.  From back in school when I fancied I could write quite decently to now where I sometimes pick up a decent book ( those too may not be that related but i want to write cos I love books), a blog is a much bigger step for me then I would have thought. 

The past couple of years have been rather eventful for me personally. I was in a long distance relationship, in a fit of romance I got married and then proceeded to be in a long distance marriage ( well not THAT romantic I know). After many many frequent flyer miles, long phone conversations and airport good byes I took that leap of faith after a full year ( i have trouble relinquishing control) and decided to quit my job. My manager however figured that me "not" working in New Jersey in not going to be too much different from me "not" working in Oregon and so here I am seven months later working from home, trying to furnish my house, learning to make joint money decisions or in fact make just about any other decision including what take out jointly, learning to live with someone 24 x 7, learning that I maybe don't have to keep it interesting for him all the time and he might like the sloppy, self loathing,  OCDish person that I pretend not to be. 

I do intend not to be all that serious in this. This blog is not therapy but an actually attempt to write unsuckily ( hmm scope for improvement there?)

So the blog begins.... 


gugiinsingapore said...

welcome to the blog-o-sphere (am a writer, i can invent words) ;)

Charandeep said...

yay..good going! I've subscribed already :)