Thursday, 19 February 2009

Notes To Self

Now that I am three blogs old I am looking at things I can change/improve. Continuous improvement ( 2 years in a software company :) ) and all that.

1. Avoid really really long sentences.
2. Stop resorting to parenthesis to complete a sentence.
3. Run spell check.
4. Do NOT let the DABA girls and ilk get you started on serious stuff( you are not good with serious stuff).
5. Avoid the parenthesis really!!!
6. Stop stalking your blog with silly template updates.
7. Stop nagging your friends and family to read your blog.
8. Stop writing blogs in points. Must overcome presentation hangover.
9. Avoid going "AHA" and wagging your finger at family/friends (ex friends?) after asking them trick blog related question.

OK so I am giving up on the parenthesis thing seems I can't express myself without them.

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