Tuesday, 21 April 2009

If the shoe fits

The Slipper Gate is rocking India now. My response to this strange form of protest is very mixed. On the one hand I like Chidambram and throwing your Reeboks at the man who is not the accused seems rather mean spirited to me. On the other hand when a violent man like Modi cowers behind nets while giving speeches, I feel gleeful. Throw shoes at Advani, who every rational person disagrees with and I am not pleased (the heart knows what it wants but the mind does not understand it) but deny Jagdish Tytler a ticket because of shoe throwing and I am happy again.

I think the day is not far off when

- Attending rallies is a reason to buy shoes
- Political parties train the party members to dodge shoes
- Political parties train party members to throw shoes
- Parties condemn throwing reeboks as unindian and insist that protesters use Bata chapals.
- Throw away chapals with party symbols are handed out instead of election pamphlets/ posters.

Recipe - Orzo Stuffed Bell Peppers
Orzo is a great pasta especially for us rice eaters. I discovered this recipe while looking for ways to make orzo. I am not a fan of olives in my pasta. I mixed the orzo with sweet corn, chopped garlic, chopped red and green bell pepper, chopped onion and used a lot of dried basil. Also leave out feta and bake after topping with a cheese that melts ( mozarella, pepper jack).


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LOL Great minds do think alike The connect in ether

stringOfPearls said...

:).. Loved your take though. Going to leave a link here.

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