Sunday, 27 September 2009

Aaj kal be bachche.

late 1980's

Ma - If you dont behave I am going to leave you here and go home without you.

Me/my brother (either knee deep in mud, or atop a tree - putting all that inexhaustible energy to good use) - you wont!!!.

Ma - Yes I will. Nobody wants to take home a naughty child.

Us (worried looking around for dad) - Appa won't let you. You will have to take me back.

Ma - Yes he will. See he is annoyed too.

Us (looking up at Appa to see him make his obliging angry face, now very unsure) - But he/she started it.

Reluctantly walking away from whatever lovely mischief we had been upto.


Overheard mother and son at a concert my husband was singing at. I was trying to get the wires taped to the floor so kids would not trip on it.

Kid - I don't want to sit here. Nobody else is sitting here.

Mother - It is right in front. We are members of this organization. We pay an annual fee. These are the best seats. Just sit down.

Kid - But everybody is sitting at the back. I want to sit at the back....

After a few minutes of this.

Mother - If you don't behave I am going to leave you here.

The kid paused and was deep in thought for a while.

Kid - (In a very deliberate voice which might indicate practicing in front of the mirror) - If you did leave me behind here, I am not sure I want to go back with you. This means you are an irresponsible parent. You are supposed to take care of me and I could report you to the authorities and you would be in trouble. They would take me home.

Mother ( deep sigh ) - Bends down to sit next to me. Can I help you with that tape?

Kids born with a sense of entitlement...


Nu said...

No doubt ! Read this

Wow your hubby sings..felt great to know that.. :)

stringOfPearls said...

Yes he sings rather well actually :).

Read ur entry. Very nice.

Titaxy said...


Solilo said...

Ha..ha..ha.. how old was the kid?

stringOfPearls said...

Solilo - around 10 I think. Seems she overused this weapon

Scribbler :) said...

Hey, first time here.

And this post reminded me of William Wordsworth, who once wrote(in a very different context)"The Child is father of the Man"
:) :)

Am sure he would be smiling from his grave now and thinking "See? I told ya!"

stringOfPearls said...

Hi scribbler welcome here.'
Very different context indeed.

Nu also had quoted kahlil gibran in her post.
My outlook was however one that completely lacked any of the wisdom that they points of view have. :)