Monday, 6 June 2011

He knows too much!!

Me : "I discovered this new show that I really like on Netflix. It is about this guy who is a therapist and it is rather funny. Very insightful"

Hubby : (Looks at the TV where the show is paused) "This one?"

Me : "Wanna watch?" (switching the show to play again)

Hubby : "Ha! I know why you like this show!!"

Me : "Yeah!! I just told you he is a therapist, it is funny and insightful..."

Hubby ( interrupting rudely) : "What, You find this guy hot. That's why you like this show. This is same guy in ....." ( names the other show where I reportedly checked out this guy)

Me : "Whoa!!! Really?? Is it the same guy?" ( Look at the screen closely and then check IMDB) "I think you are right. But that is not why I like the show!!!"

Hubby ( gives me a look ) : "I know all the guys you find cute. "( walks away proudly)

As my husband and I grow together we know each other better, we understand when the other person is sad, happy, what the other person finds funny, likes for breakfast and so on and so forth. But now I think he might know too much!!!!

Note to self - stop using so many exclamation marks!! Maybe large bold capital letters or red to indicate emphasis. OR WILL THAT be even more ANNOYING!!!

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Titaxy said...

lol :)

what show is it?