Friday, 24 June 2011


The SlutWalks was started in Canada to protest against a comment by a police officer about how women should dress to avoid attack. There is to be a Slut Walk in Delhi at the end of July.

For me the issue is important. There should be very clear demarcation about where the responsibility lies in case of any crime against women. This is not just about what she wears but also about how a woman behaves. For me it is about being allowed to be. To do what I want, when I want , how I want and to not have to factor in how men or anybody else feel about it.

The media attention on this issue in India so far is a little distressing. Instead of highlighting that crimes against women is on the rise and that society needs to take responsibility about how women are treated in our country, the attention has shifted yet again to what women will wear. Ironic? Sad? Frustrating? All of the above?

Articles in media here, here.

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Snehal said...

This is a very serious matter and I hope media learns whether this ranks higher in priority than Ash's pregnancy!!

While I completely believe in dressing 'appropriate' (there's a fine line between sexy and slutty), it's about time men and women alike change their perspective about what others wear. And crime is crime - it's not justified any more because someone chose to wear a specific attire. What about all the sick minded people who go after school girls and traditionally clad women?? How does society conveniently shift focus on women?